Plenty Up Top Gallery

The Plenty Up Top Gallery is an exhibition space situated on the head of artist and performer Lady Kitt. It is the venue for the Nasty Women International Art Prize, 2018.

Please be aware that the gallery IS Kitt's head- there is no other physical venue- proposals for submissions to the prize MUST primarily be situated on thier head!


Kitt established the gallery in 2017 after being diagnosed with Alopecia Areata (patchy baldness). The gallery started as a space for Kitt to explore their changing appearance, celebrate / “decorate” the bald patches and raise awareness of Alopecia.


  People with the condition are often subject to dreadful abuse and discrimination which can effect every area of their lives. These effects are not due to the condition itslef, but to the reactions of others to a head that is bald, wigged or unusual. These effects can be completely eliminated, not by medical science, but by human kindness.


The gallery has developed into a space that Kitt now offers to other artists to create temporary (for up to a week) works of art / activism with a particular focus on gender, body positive and queer visibility. Works can include (although are not limited to!) hair shaving/ dying / styling, millinery, performance, body painting.

Proposals for the Nasty Women International Art Prize 2018 can be for new works or adaptations of old works (to suit the venue!)- for example mounting a pre existing work (painting, photograph, sculpture, a manifesto, book) on Lady Kitt’s head in the form of a head piece / hat. The work can include performative elements for example Kitt talking to viewers about the content of the work / reciting a certain text/ attending relevant events whilst wearing the work/ anything else you can think of! The work can be shaved into Kitt’s hair or painted on to their head/ face.


The judging panel is keen to see work that engages with the ideas of art as a form of activism / activism as a creative discipline. We are interested in work that can enthuse us about a cause / bring people together / be interactive / help us understand a new or different perspective/ be funny or irreverent / inspire us (and others) to get involved in making things and changing the world!


The main restriction is that the work must be safe to install and wear! If the work is complicated to install or involves aspects that could pose a danger to Lady Kitt please include a brief, informal  risk assessment with your submission, explaining how any risks can be sensibly managed.