Submissions for 2018 are now closed

NW Art Prize work by Chris Flemming Stop Checking Social Media You Have a Revolution in Your Pocket
NW Art Prize work by Cath Walsh
NW Art Prize work by Bis Biserka

Please ensure you have read all the Terms and Conditions and Advice for proposals thoroughly before submitting 

Please be aware that the "Plenty Up Top Gallery" is Kitt's head- there is no other physical venue- so the work in submissions MUST primarily be situated on their head.

Submissions must contain:

  1. Your name, email address, telephone number and the country you live in

  2. Proposal for an artwork for the “Plenty Up Top Gallery” (1 page of A4 ONLY which can include text, drawing / photography). Please read “Advice for proposals”, below, carefully before submitting

  3. "How Me And My Work Are Nasty" statement (150 words max) about why you identify as a “Nasty” artist / activist/ maker / crafter / group and why your work is Nasty

  4. Brief biog (150 words max. - we would particularly like to know about your creative / activist activities)

  5. Links to your website(s), social media, any relevant press

  6. The names, postal addresses, email addresses and contact telephone numbers of two referees (these people will only be contacted if you are being considered for one of the final four prizes. Referees should be in a position to comment on your ability to meet deadlines and work collaboratively, as well as your creative/ activist work!)


Please send submissions to: by 11pm GMT, Monday April 30th, 2018


PLEASE NOTE: submissions that run over the specific word counts indicated above will not be considered

Submission Fees:

Once submitted please pay your £12 submissions fee HERE


Entries will not be considered submitted until we have received all elements listed in this “Submissions” section of the Nasty Women Art Prize website AND the entrants fee via Just Giving, so please ensure donations are not anonymous and that the names are the same on submissions and associated donations!


As we want the prize to be as accessible and open as possible we have a limited number of entries available for £5. If you wish to apply for one of these please contact with the heading “£5 fee” and a statement (50 words max) about why you are applying for the reduced price fee.

Money from prize entrance fees will be used to fund the cash prizes for the winning entry and two runner ups (40%), cover admin costs of running the prize incurred by the NWAP team (25%), towards refreshments, promotion etc. of the awards ceremony and final exhibition (25%) and donations to Planned Parenthood (10%). Expenses will be detailed on the Nasty Women International Art Prize 2018 “Just Giving” page in order to keep finances transparent.

Advice for proposals:


Proposals for the Nasty Women International Art Prize 2018, can be for new works or adaptations of old works (to suit the venue!). For example, mounting a pre-existing work (painting, photograph, sculpture, a manifesto, a book) on Lady Kitt’s head in the form of a head piece / hat. The work can be shaved into Kitt’s hair or painted on to their head / face.


The judging panel is keen to see work that engages with the ideas of art as a form of activism / activism as a creative discipline. We are interested in work that can do one or some of the following:

  • enthuse us about a cause

  • bring people together

  • be interactive

  • help us understand new or different perspectives

  • support us to imagine what a fairer world could be like

  • be funny, irreverent and mischievous

  • inspire us (and others) to get involved in making things and changing the world!


The work can include performative elements, if you feel they will enhance the piece, for example Kitt talking to viewers about the content of the work / reciting a certain text / attending relevant events whilst wearing the work / anything else you can think of! Please note that any performance elements must be safe and legal!


We are very happy to receive proposals that do not include specific performance elements. Work can be worn by Kitt during their daily activities or worn by them as an installation. For installations Kitt is prepared to remain still for up to 5 hrs whilst wearing the work.


In your proposal please be very clear about what you intend to present and how it will be installed / worn.


We do not expect proposals to be complex / intricate. A simple idea presented in a clear and strong way can be extremely effective. If you intend the work to be worn as part of a choreographed performance / installation please be very specific about what this will entail (please tell us how long it will last, how the viewers / audience will watch / interact with it, what you will expect Kitt to do, what type of venue you imagine it being in (a gallery/ outside/ a theatre setting), detail any props/ technical equipment you may need, for example chairs or a microphone).


Your proposal could include numbered instructions, imagined scenarios, strip cartoons illustrating the wearing of your piece, photos of mock ups, “scripts”- anything that you think will help the judges understand how your peice will be worn and experienced.


We advise having someone, who does not know much (ideally nothing!) about your proposal look through it before you submit it, to check that you are communicating your ideas clearly.


The main restriction is that the work must be safe to install and wear! If the work is complicated to install or involves aspects that could pose a danger to Lady Kitt please include a brief, informal risk assessment with your submission, explaining how any risks can be sensibly managed.

Please be aware that, the three finalists will need to be in London, UK, for the period Oct 4th-7th to install the work on Kitt's head.