Nasty Women International Art Prize, 2018

Getting Nastier...

The aim of the prize is to:

Recognise and reward Nastiness in art and activism



  • Highly Commended awards for 25 artists*

  • Artist residency (for 4th runner up)

  • Cash prizes and opportunities to show work in UK, USA & NL (for 3 finalists)


The third round of judging is now complete and the winner is:

Olivia Lynch (UK)

For her beautiful, interactive work "The Nastiest Woman I Know".


The three finalists below, produced their stunning and thought provoking works during Aug and Sept 2018. These pieces were then exhibited for the final round of judging at the Anti Art Fair in London, Oct 5th, 2018:

Zoe Burt (UK)   

Shannon Downey / Badass Cross Stitch (USA

Olivia Lynch (UK)

Winner of the 4th prize (an artist residency at PRAXIS Gallery, UK):

Bis Biserka (UK)

Winners of the public vote (an opportunity to make their work for the Plenty Up Top Gallery for an exhibition during 2019- details to be announced!)

Jackie Sewelll (UK)

Siobhan Barr (UK)

Judging panel:

16 Artists, curators, gallerists, journalists & activists from around the world including:

Submissions are now closed and the 25 Highly Commended Artists are:

Svetlana Ochkovskaya (UK)                               Shannon Downey / Badass Cross Stitch (USA)

Diane Watson (UK)                                             Anna Maria Staiano (Spain)

Hildy Harland  (UK)                                            Mike Gibson (UK)

Rula Jones Brock (USA)                                   Eva van Kempen (The Netherlands)

Debra Eck (USA)                                                Jill Miller (USA)

Jacqui Taylor (UK)                                            Jan Secret (UK)                                                

 Chewon Kim (South Korea)                              Leslie Robison (USA)

Alexandra Fraser (The Netherlands)               Ana Escobar (UK)

Zoe Burt (UK)                                                    Bis Biserka (UK)

Rebecca Stringer (UK)                                    Olivia Lynch (UK)

Yunuen Diaz (Mexico)                                         Siobhan Barr (UK)

Rebecca de Wessington (UK)                         Catherine Cooke (UK)

Jackie Sewell (UK)

We want to say a huge thank you to all the amazing people who are supporting this new Nasty adventure! Please be aware that the Nasty Women Art Prize (as with all Nasty Women events) is a DIY event- it is completely volunteer run and self-funding. It exists to celebrate, reward and raise the profile of Nasty artists and activists around the world and to raise money for Planned Parenthood. This is not a commercial venture and everyone involved including all gallerists, judges, etc. are giving their time on a completely voluntary basis, because they support and love the movement! 


  • Submissions open: March Thursday the 8th 2018

  • Submissions close: April Monday 30th 2018 11pm GMT

  • Opening party of 1st exhibition and announcement of 25 "highly commended artists" who will be considered for the final prize: Thursday June 21st, 2018

  • Announcement of the winner of 4th prize (artist residency) and three finalists: June 21th, 2018

  • Pop up show of work by final three artists, final judging and final winner announced in London, UK: 7th October, 2018


Who can apply?

Anyone!!! It is not necessary to identify a women/ an artist or to have been involved the movement before. It is essential to be "Nasty"


What does "being Nasty" mean?

  1. Believing in equality and wanting to protect human rights (in particular women’s rights)

  2. Believing that art (in the broadest sense of the word- poetry, dance, drag, music, knitting etc) can be used to help increase equality and protect human rights

  3. Being happy to welcome and support others who also want to do these things…..


If this sounds like you, then as far as we are concerned you are Nasty- Hurrah!!!


How do I enter the prize?

See detailed submission info HERE

Entrants are asked to submit an A4 proposal for the Plenty Up Top Gallery. This unusual venue is a gallery space situated on the head of artist and activist Lady Kitt! 

Proposals must be submitted via email and can include writing, drawing and photography. They can be for pre-existing work, for example, mounting an artwork (painting, photograph, tapestry, sculpture, manifesto, poem etc.) on Kitt's head. Or they can be for a be for a new work. The proposals can include (but are not limited too): shaving into Kitt’s hair, painting on to her face, instructions for a performance. Please be aware that the whole gallery is Kitt's head- there is no other physical venue- so the work MUST primarily be situated on her head.

The judges are particularly keen to see work that combines art and activism, for example a piece that raises awareness of an important social / political issue or encourage people to make / do something that will help others.

The "Inspiration" section of our website has examples of some art/activism projects we love!

**The 25 Highly Commended Awards are “paper” awards only- they are not accompanied by any prizes. The 25 Artists who receive Highly Commended awards will all go through the second round of judging and will be considered for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes. The Nasty Women Art Prize will promote and celebrate these artists via social media and this website.